Wednesday, February 22, 2006

African Religious Art

Ethiopian Gospel BookFor those of you interested in the religious side of the African people, I have put together a little information page on the Ethiopian manuscripts that were written on vellum, pictured is a Ethiopian bible, or gospel book, now in a private collection. If you go to my Sold Items page, you will see a Ethiopian magic scroll that is also now in a private collection.

New African Art archers bracelets.

Tutsi African art wrist guard
I have 3 Archers bracelets from The Tutsi arriving in a shipment shipment within the next 7 days. These bracelets were used by Archers to protects their wrists from the snap of the bow on release of the arrow. The wooden bracelets like those in the shipment were more prestigious, adorned with copper, than those commonly used by the average archer who would weave them out of grass, and were probably used by archers of the chief. These items will be viewable under the Weapons page of the For African Art website.

African Art and the Makonde.

I have posted two new pages on my website wiht information on the Makonde and their sculpture. The first is more of a general information page on the Makonde and the other has far more focus on the Makonde Sculpture.

New African Art items due in over the next 2 weeks

Here is a lsit of items due in over the next two weeks, I will try to post some pictures of the items that I got before they were boxed and shipped so that you can get an idea. If you are interested in any of these items, please feel free to contact me with queries, of to get the first right of refusal.
*Baule Door
*Afo Currency.
*Kusu Boloko Currency
*Idoma Currency
*Mfunte Currency
*Bambara Mask
*Senufo Kpeli-yehe Mask
*Double Baule Mblo Mask
*Zulu Beer pot cover
*Zulu Isicolo (Hat)
*Fang Ngil Mask
These items will be listed on New African Art Items page as soon as I get them photographed and loaded.<

Appologies for lack in Communication.

HI All,
Sorry about the lack in communication, things have been crazy over the last few months, it is full blown season down here in Florida, the gallery is crazy as ever, I am working with a museum for an permanent African exhibition in their new Spain location that is in the process of being built.
as far as product goes, I have got a lot of new items in over the festive season, the bulk of them have been loaded already, and a lot have bee sold already. For those of you interested in seeing the new items, feel free to take your time browsing my New African Art Items Page.
If you would like to see a sampling of some of the items that have sold over the last few months, take a lood at my Sold Items Page.