Saturday, January 19, 2008

Malaria Problems in Africa - How you can help

A million deaths a year, almost 90% of them children under the age of five, the culprit MALARIA!

Because of the debilitating nature of Malaria, families stricken with this disease are unable to tend and harvest up to 60% of their crops. This means less to eat and even less to barter with.

And thus the cycle of poverty and disease begins.
This planet is a malarious planet, though it may not seem that way when looked at from the vantage point of a wealthy country, where if we even consider malaria, it is thought of as a problem that has mostly been solved. In actuality, malaria now affects more people than ever before.. In recent years, the parasite has grown so entrenched and has developed resistance to so many drugs that the most potent strains can scarcely be controlled. This year malaria will strike up to half a billion people. At least one million will die, most of them under the age of five, the vast majority living in Africa. That's more than twice the annual toll a generation ago.
Malaria, a plague of the poor is easy to overlook, though in the past few years, malaria captured the full attention of aid agencies and donors. The world health Organization has made malaria reduction a chief priority. The idea is to disable the disease by combining vitually every known malaria-fighting technique, from the ancinct (Chinese herbal medications), to the old (bed nets) to the ultra modern (multidrug cocktails). At the same time, malaria researchers are persueing a long-sought, elusive goal; a vaccine that would curb the disease for good.
Most of the aid is going to a few hard hit countries scattered across sub-Saharan Africa. If these nations can beat back disease, they'll serve as templates for the global anti-malaria effort. And if they can't? Well, nobody in the malaria world likes to answer that question.
Where can you help?
We at African Sky have partnered with another organization to get malaria medications to rural areas of southern Mali where we already have a support structure in place. The medications are guaranteed to get to the people that need them most, the way that medications are meant to, free of charge. African Sky will make your entire donation work in the fight against malaria. A $20 dosage purchase, buys the medication, has it shipped to Mali, and provides a small percentage for training the local clinics to administer the drug and care for the patient. Just think, your $20 could save the life of another innocent child that doesn't have a choice.
What will we be supplying?
The drug of choice, is the newest malaria cure available, which also happens to be based on one of the oldest - an herbal medicine derived from a weed related to sage-brush, sweet wormwood, called artemisia. This treatment was first described in a Chinese medical text written in the fourth century A.D. but seems to have been overlooked by the rest of the world until now. The new version, Artemisinin, is as powerful as quinine with few side effects. It is the last remaining surefire malaria cure. Other drugs can still play a role in treatment, but the parasites have developed resistance to all of them, including quinine itself. To help reduce the odds that mutation will also disarm artemisinin, derivatives of the drug are mixed with other compounds in an antimalarial barrage known as artemisinin-based combination therapy, or ACT.

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